Hunters should get themselves fully prepared before hunting, and nothing ruins a hunt like having sore or wet feet.  Hunting normally involves lots of walking, and footwear is critical to a good experience.

Hunters can choose boots based on a number of factors: the material of the boots, the season, temperatures, and the hunting area and terrain. There are hunting a few hunting boots which can we tend to like for any season and any hunting terrain.  Here are our top 5.

Cabela’s Meindl Men’s “Perfekt” Hunter Boots

Tops on our list, these are the favorite hunting boots for many hunters, as long as they have the budget.  Consider it an excellent long-term investment. These boots have a breathable GORE-TEX layer, with Thinsulate Ultra Insulation – two tried-and-true products that create a foundation fo the boots.

The footbed has a moisture-managing layer over it which will keep away the moisture and keep your feet dry and comfortable, and a natural cork layer will protect hunter’s joints from shock and provide custom-support by molding the foot.

A good all-season boot, the Perfekt boots do particularly well in colder weather. TThe DIGAfix lacing system provides a comfortable instep and heel, and there is no slippage inside the boot, and the 400-gram insulation gives you nice warmth without overdoing it and causing sweaty feet.

Construction quality is an A+, they feel great, and the boots are a nice height to keep burrs and seeds out of them.  Every guide we have spoken to swears by them, and we have no problem recommending them to big game and bird hunters alike.

Danner Men’s Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G

For many types of terrains, the Pronghorn Realtree can be a hunter’s first choice. They can always handle any unpredictable environment while hunting. High-quality leather, dual-texture, and camouflage pattern fabric are used to make this a great combination of good construction and attractive footwear.

Like many of the other boots on this list, the Pronghorns feature a combination of Goretex and Thinsulate, making for a trusted combination of source materials.  We love the 8 inch height, which is ideal for many uses but perhaps a touch short if you are going to be mainly in long grass.

The boots are ideal for warm, drier conditions.  The waterproof is great for puddles and light dew, but if you are going to be hitting the swamps hard, we might recommend something like the Alphaburly, below.  These Danner boots get high grades for warmth

Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch

Weighing about 40% less than other hunting boots, the Vaprtrek boots are great if lightweight footwear is a priority.  The weather won’t stop you with these boots, as the ultra-dry waterproofing system will keep hunter’s feet totally dry all the time in any damp or shallow environment.

A nice boot that is a little lower on the leg – it rises about 7 inches vs. the 10+ on many of the other boots – it is a great boot if you are going to be in conditions that require something lightweight.  Think upland bird hunting when you might find yourself running after a pheasant or partridge.  We probably would go with one of the other boots if you are going to find yourself in extremely wet conditions, although the UltraDry system will definitely give you a base of waterproofing on the boots.

These boots double very well as an outdoor work boot – so if you want to use them for landscaping or farm activities, they shoot up the list in our opinion.

Cabela’s Men’s 800-Gram All-Leather Iron Ridge Hunting Boots with GORE-TEX

Another awesome hunting boot from Cabelas.  This pair of boots is completely suitable for any hunting adventure in any season, especially when you might have a bit of everything thrown at you. They provide you a 100% waterproof hunting trip with GORE-TEX lining and keep the rain or snow away from the feet. The outside of the boots is made of waterproof, richly oiled, full grain leather.  Cabelas knowing hunting, and that proves true in everything from their boots to firearm selection to hunting optics.

We love the strength of the steel shank, which makes this boot a top choice if you find yourself walking on uneven or rocky ground, or covering terrain that has downed brush or other debris under your footing.

Testers note that the boots fit and feel great right out of the box, so you likely won’t have to be too careful about how you break them in.  They are durable, and last for a long time.  The insulation is probably in the medium range, but with the right socks you will be warm down to potentially the single digit temps.

Overall, one of the better all-purpose hunting boots we have tried.

Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro 18 1000 Insulated Hunting Boots

Do you need to keep water and moisture off your feet, ankles, and shins?  This is your boot.

The Alphaburly Pro 18 1000 is not for people on a tight budget, but is great for someone who needs a tough boot for cold and wet conditions.  The combination of neoprene (like the material used in wetsuits) and rubber makes a great boot for being in wet elements such as duck hunting or crossing a bog.

What we like about these boots is the high leg coverage.  You get 16 inches of solid coverage up the leg, and without any tongue or laces to speak of, there is really no way for water to get in unless you happen to completely immerse the boot.  Where they really excel is when walking in tall, wet grass (think the morning dew).  A gusset on the shin allows for you to adjust the tightness of the boot so they stay comfortable.

The insulation is good enough to stay warm, and we like that the neoprene/insulation system focuses on making your feet breathable so they don’t sweat.  The boots performed well when walking on rugged terrain, which was a pleasant surprise given that they look a bit clunky.

Overall, a great boot for foul conditions, walking in long, wet, grass, and basically any condition that is not hot, dry, and rocky.

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