There’s nothing better than sitting on a comfortable chair while catching some fish. It’s a relaxing, fun, and the more comfortable the chair is, the more patient you can be as you try to find the big one.  Unfortunately, you’ve probably owned fishing chairs that were breaking down, unstable, or starting to tear apart. The wrong chair can be quite uncomfortable and scary to sit on, especially if you fish on top of rocks or other uneven surfaces.

The right fishing chair is an underrated element of the fishing arsenal.

What to look for in a fishing chair

There are some key factors to consider when purchasing a fishing chair. Depending on the type of fisherman or fisherwoman you are, you may value some factors above others. Here are the most important factors to consider:

  • Comfort. Fishing outings can last a very long time, and you can enjoy even more time outside if you have the right chair. You don’t want to sit on a chair that uncomfortable. Your chair should make you feel like you’re sitting on a chair from home. Having a nice and comfortable chair will help make those long minutes, or sometimes even hours of waiting for a bite to go by quicker. Your back should be well supported, your legs should have enough room to move around, and your arms should be able to relax without getting sore.
  • Durability. Another important factor to consider is durability.  Who wants to buy a chair that is not going to hold up over time? Having a durable chair goes hand-in-hand with comfortability. The more durable your chair is, the longer your chair will remain comfortable. As soon as your fishing chair starts to break down and tear apart, the more uncomfortable it gets. Quality fishing chairs can also be expensive to replace, so you don’t want them to break so easily.
  • Convenience. If you’ve ever owned those bulky, cheap fishing chairs before, you’ll know how inconvenient they can be. They take too long to fold up and pack away, and they’re also heavy to carry. It’s best to find a chair that takes seconds to set up and pack away. It should also be easy to carry with one hand, or with a shoulder strap.  You should barely know the chair is there when you are not actively using it.
  • Stability. If you’re planning on fishing on top of a cliff or rocks, you need to choose a chair that’s stable. It should almost feel like your chair is stuck to the ground. Having a stable chair is going to prevent you from falling and potentially getting hurt.  Be sure that the chair doesn’t inadvertently unlock or fold up at a time when you don’t want it to.

Best fishing chair reviews

Now that you know what to look for in a good fishing chair, we’ll be reviewing some of the best ones we found on the market. Each of these fishing chairs was carefully reviewed, so make sure to give them all a read before making an informed purchase decision. The four best fishing chairs we’ll be reviewing are:

  • REI Flash Trail Seat
  • Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair
  • L.L. Bean Packlite Chair
  • ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

REI Flash Trail Seat

Find the Flash Trail Seat here.

Sometimes you are looking for a fishing chair that will help you scope out a good place to sit on rocks or logs. Or perhaps you know that there are picnic tables or other structures where you will be, but you just want more comfort.  The REI Flash Trail Seat has no legs — so you either need to find a rock, stump, or the ground to set it on.  But in return for a little less structure, you get an extremely lightweight chair that is easy to carry around and even roll up.

  • Versatility. This chair has tons of versatility for the fisherman.  You can use it on a boat that might not be rigged with high-quality seats. It can be a great chair for ice fishing — just find a bucket to stick it on top of.  Or you can use it for shore fishing when you only have options of a rock or tree stump to sit on.  It also makes for a nice respite when you are hiking to/from your favorite fly fishing spot and need a bit of a break.
  • Durability. The Ripstop polyester helps this chair be tough even when up against sharp rocks or tree bark.  The nylon straps are built to last for a long time.
  • Convenience. Because the chair has no exterior frame, it is extremely light and convenient to transport. You can actually roll it up and stick it in a backpack or bucket, and when hauling it folds up just like a piece of clothing. You can get it virtually anywhere.  If you are OK occasionally sitting on the ground, you will never run out of good places to set this chair up.  It weighs in at under 2 lbs.

Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair

Check out the Therm-a-Rest Treo Chair at Amazon.

The second chair we listed as one of the best fishing chairs is the Term-a-Rest Treo Chair. This chair has an incredibly unique, stable, and fun design. Here are some of its key features:

  • Comfortability. The legs of the chair are 13-inches from the ground, making it easy for you to get in and out of the chair. The fishing chair puts you in a comfortable, cupped like position.
  • Durability and stability. The Treo chair is made of 6000-series aluminum and 300D polyester sling. It has a tripod like base which is made of non-skid feet so you’re able to stabilize yourself on terrains that aren’t flat. This chair is also able to carry up to 250 lbs.
  • Convenience. This is one of the most convenient fishing chairs we’ve ever seen. If you usually bring a lot of items with you to go fishing, this chair is a great option. The chair comes in a tiny case that’s the same size as an average football. You can pack and carry the chair as if it was a water bottle.

L.L. Bean Packlite Chair

Another one of the best fishing chairs is the L.L. Bean Packlite Chair. Who doesn’t love L.L. Bean gear, with its great design and incredible reputation for being durable. Although the Packlite Chair is on the more expensive side, you’ll understand why when we talk about its key features:

  • Comfortability. The fishing chair provides plenty of space for you to sit comfortably and relax your body. You can easily rest your arms beside your body, or on your lap. There is plenty of leg space to move around and cross over each other.
  • Durability and stability. This chair is used for all sorts of outdoor activity, including fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and general camping. Its sturdy and aluminum frame with polyester and fine nylon seating provides maximum durability, breathability, and drainage.
  • Convenience. The L.L.Bean Packlite chair is very compact. You’re able to quickly detach the legs of the chair and fold it down. All you need to do now is pack the legs and body into the attached carry bag. The carry bag is only 14’’ x 5’’ x 4’’ and can easily be carried in your arms or bag.  This is the chair we suggest using in your ice fishing house, too.  It folds up small, but the four-pronged base is stable inside the house.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Check out the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair at Amazon.

The last fishing chair that we found as one of the best is the King Kong Chair from ALPS Mountaineering. This highly compact chair is not only affordable, but it’s also extremely valuable. Here’s are the key features of the King Kong chair:

  • Comfortability and stability. The King Kong Chair is great for fishing on flat terrains. You have tons of space to move around, and you don’t have to worry about your chair falling over. The entire frame of the chair is well-padded, making it comfortable for you to wait for fish to swim by.
  • Durability. This chair is made of a powder-coated steel frame with 600D polyester fabric. Unlike other fishing chairs, the King Kong Chair can hold up to 800 lbs of weight! It’s almost unbelievable how strong this chair is.
  • Convenience. The King Kong Chair folds up quickly and can easily be held using the shoulder bag that’s included. There are two drink holders at the front of the arm rests, as well as two side pockets to store your fishing or personal items.


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