Using a roof top tent has become popular with travelers around the world – whether they are just trying to get away for the weekend, or traveling the land nomadic-style. The two top brands right now are iKamper and Tepui.  Both rooftop camper brands are famous for their incredible convenience, comfort, and functionality.

With road trips having a huge resurgence these days, rooftop tents and campers are a practical way to carry a comfortable sleeping area around without pulling a camper, and save on hotels.

Both brands provide quality products that we would be proud to use. We’ll be reviewing both brands of rooftop campers to help you make a purchase decision.

iKamper vs. Tepui brand

iKamper is a relatively young company, having been around since 2014. They created their first rooftop camper called the “Hard Top One.” This rooftop camper has a very unique design that led iKamper to lots of success, and seemingly rapid growth. It was picked up by famous media outlets such as Rockets Are Cool, GiGadgets, and Insider Design.

The company’s CEO, Soon Park, is a serial entrepreneur who aims to make iKamper one of the leading rooftop brands in the world. The family-owned business continues to create new high-quality and functional outdoor equipment.

Tepui has been around since 2010, so they started a couple of years earlier than iKamper. The company was founded by fans of long road trips, and is based in California. They are highly invested in their community, offering their customers with quality rooftop campers that bring joy and happiness. Tepui continues to explore new trails to come up with new ideas for product innovations. They want to ensure that your next trip is something to brag about.

Tepui was acquired in late 2018 by Thule, the Swedish company best known (at least by us) for other automotive carriers like bike racks.  It appears that the acquisition is still allowing Tepui to operate largely as it had been, from its HQ in California.

iKamper vs. Tepui product lineups

Looks at iKamper vs. Tepui, you get two quality brands, neither skimps on their products.  There are some differences, though, in their lineups.


iKamper has two unique rooftop campers and other accessories, including:

The Skycamp has been globally recognized as one of the most successful rooftop campers in crowdfunding history. The amazing innovation even won the Red Dot Design award!

The reason the Skycamp was so successful is the convenience and functionality it brings. In under a minute, you’re able to fully set up your Skycamp and jump right into it. The rooftop camper can sleep up to four people on a king-sized mattress, but more importantly, it can do it comfortably.

Skycamp even has see-through windows, allowing you to enjoy the surrounding views while sleeping in. For even more functionality, you can attach many accessories to the Skycamp, making it the perfect living space for the outdoors. And yes, there’s even a stainless-steel lock to keep your belongings protected while you’re away.

You don’t have to worry about the Skycamp breaking down as it’s been perfectly assembled using fibre-reinforced plastic and two layers of insulation. Its hard-shell coverage, aluminum flooring, and poly-cotton canvas provides maximum protection for the Skycamp, allowing it to withstand poor weather conditions and constant use.

Skycamp 2X

After the release of the famous Skycamp, Skycamp 2X was released by iKamper. This new rooftop camper provides the same convenience and functionality as the Skycamp, so it’s another great option. However, there are some features to take note of.

ikamper x cover
iKamper’s x cover is an option that might be great for people who want extra road protection and a very quick setup.

The Skycamp 2X is aerodynamic, so it reduces drag when air passes by. This helps your vehicle to be more fuel efficient. Another great feature of this rooftop camper is it gives you more light whenever you need it. You can have a great view of the stars at night without worrying about insects sneaking in. The interior is spacious enough to fit two adults and one child, so it’s great for a family, couple, or two-person camping trip. Of course, you can still attach other accessories to increase the living space.


The X-Cover is a simple product that gets rid of the cover of most rooftop campers. You’ll no longer need another cover when the tent is collapsed on top of your vehicle. The hardtop cover has roof bars that you can quickly set up to provide the perfect shelter overnight.


The Aioks stands for “All-In-One Outdoor Kitchen System.” This product is exactly what it sounds like. It provides everything you need to make delicious meals outdoors. You’re able to place a table, stove, cookware, utensils, food, and drinks, all in the box! The clever design makes the Aioks the ultimate outdoor cooking product.  We have not used the Aioks personally, and have not compared it to other outdoor cooking systems made by non-rooftop-camper-makers.


iKamper offers many accessories to add to your camping experience. There are ladders, wind deflectors, storage shelves, shoe racks, movie stands, and more!


Tepui has multiple lines of products ranging from rooftop campers, beddings, lighting and power, accessories, and even apparel.

Rooftop campers

Tepui has a large line of rooftop campers – 19 to be exact. You can choose from soft shell or hard shell campers and the capacity you wish your camper to hold. Each Tepui rooftop camper has many features, so be sure to check them out individually.

Most of these campers have built-in screen panels which allow you to enjoy the surrounding views. They are very sturdy as each camper is made of high-quality and heavy-duty materials. Tepui made sure every camper was carefully designed, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking down during your trip.

Low Pro 2

Depending on the camper, you can comfortably fit two to four people, making it great for a family and friends’ trip. Most of these rooftop campers have release latches which make it easy for you to set up the tent.

We are fans of the Low Pro 2 and 3, a more affordable (still spendy) rooftop tend that is designed to be streamlined and lower to the ground. Ideal for sedans or other vehicles where you prefer to keep everything within a few foot from ground level. The Low Pros are a little smaller, but the base is made with the same materials as he larger models, so you are not giving up any stability.  Find the Low Pro here at REI.

We also love the Ruggedized Autana 3, a super-strong tent that gives you an annex for more space, a welded aluminum base, and plenty of zip-open screens to be able to enjoy the view and not feel so enclosed. The Autana is a great choice if you are doing a long road trip over the course of several weeks, and the additional cost will more than be made-up by sleeping in it more.  You can find it here.


You can choose different bedding equipment for your rooftop camper. There are mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, and sheets available. Depending on your preferences, you can swap between bedding equipment at any time. This allows you to forego the thermal underwear on those cold nights and sleep in comfort under snug and adequate bedding.

Lighting and power

For the nighttime, Tepui offers lighting and power equipment to help you continue the fun in the dark. The interior lights are quite powerful, so it’s perfect for the tent!

Apparel and accessories

Tepui has accessories you can buy to add onto your rooftop camper. Some accessories increase living space, and even provide protection from bugs and mosquitos. They also have many clothing accessories if you love the brand. They offer hats, bags, containers, sweaters, and more.

iKamper vs. Tepui cost

iKamper rooftop campers cost more than the average Tepui camper. iKamper’s campers cost more than $3,000 while Tepui’s campers range from $1,149 to $3,049. Both companies have spent years developing the perfect campers, and it really comes down to what you are looking for personally.  We like that Tepui provides more range in their campers, giving you more options and price points.

iKamper is not focused on creating a large line of rooftop campers because they want to make it easy for their customers to choose the best one. That’s why they only have a couple campers available, while Tepui has nearly twenty.

iKamper vs. Tepui availability

To purchase an iKamper rooftop camper or other iKamper products, you’ll need to do so off their official website at Through their site, you can contact iKamper directly should you have any questions about their products. It may be wise to do so before making a big purchase.

Tepui products can be purchased through their official website, or at their store in Southern California (where they can provide installation services). You can also purchase their products through REI, a major sporting goods company.  That is an advantage for people who prefer to buy locally from a place where they can look at the camper and return it with any issues.. If you search for Tepui, you will be able to find most if not all their products. Purchasing through REI is great because they are very well-known for carrying high-quality brands. REI has never carried items that they weren’t proud of, so it ensures the integrity of Tepui products.


iKamper and Tepui are two great rooftop camper brands.  There are others on the market, but we can’t stand behind them the way that we can with these two.  We love the roots and the passion of both companies. At first glance, it might seem like spending four figures on a tent is a lot of money, but once you see how they are constructed, you will realize that you are paying for quality and durability.

We probably would give the edge to Tepui, as we like the options they provide for customers.  But we would be proud to drive around carrying either brand, and would no issue sleeping in either on a long road trip.

Find the entire Tepui lineup here at REI.

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