North Outdoors was founded with the idea that the USA’s North Country is some of the most beautiful, rugged, interesting, and exciting area to explore.  We are also active junkies and love to be outside.  It doesn’t matter if we are cycling, fishing, hiking, running, paddling, sailing, hunting, or skiing — we will take a day outside over a day indoors anytime — no matter the season.

We produce content that celebrates the North.  This content ranges from destination guides to gear reviews.  Whether you are looking to “rough it” under the stars or prefer a 5-star resort, and whether want to explore cool towns or the backcountry, we have you covered.  North Outdoors is all about making the great outdoors accessible to everyone.  We believe that if people spend more time exploring outside, they will care more deeply about the future of these great places.

Our writers are led by a Minnesota-based team, and include contributors from Montana, Vermont, Maine, and Michigan.